Strategy Formulation & Implementation

The essence of effective strategy is consistently making choices that take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Most businesses lack a structured and effective process for formulating and implementing their strategy. As a result, the organization’s strategic objectives are not well defined, not well communicated, and do not impact day-to-day decision making and/or resource allocation.

Are these issues affecting your company?

  • Current strategy is not aligned with internal and/or external conditions
  • Internal conditions have changed or will change, e.g. M&A activity, reorganization, financial position, change in ownership structure, etc.
  • External conditions have changed, are rapidly changing, or will change, e.g. major technical breakthroughs, customer demand and preferences, competitive landscape, etc.
  • Overall performance is low due to unknown or complex/ unclear reasons, or the industry is mature/ing

95% of employees do not understand their organization’s strategy*

67% of well-formulated strategies fail due to poor execution*

60% of the organizations do not link their strategic priorities to their budget*

*A Balanced Scorecard Collaborative study

BridgeCap’s Solutions

BridgeCap helps top management clearly outline a strategic vision that is anchored in an organization’s values and beliefs, owned by its leadership, and consistently communicated throughout the organization effectively, leading to an impactful and sustainable culture change and increased customer engagement.



What are the core values of your organization that bind it together and serve as the foundation of a culture that will ultimately make it successful?


What products, markets, and capabilities will you invest in and, more importantly, which ones will you not invest in?


What attributes of your business, whether residing in your products, capabilities, service, your know-how, or processes, truly make you unique to your customer?


What measures do you have in place that ensure clear and consistent communication with the entire workforce?

Objectives & Key Results

We specify smaller goals (objectives) and link 3-5 measurable and quantifiable action items with deadlines to each of the smaller goals (key results).

Strengthen Operations, Accelerate Growth,
Create Breakthrough Results

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