Operations Excellence

Operational Excellence is about consistently aligning your people, processes, and technologies in ways that lead to maximum performance improvements throughout the organization.

Lack of operational excellence results in a perpetually misaligned organization consisting of redundancies and bottlenecks in processes, poor communication across departments and hierarchies, frustrated employees and customers, loss of talent, lower revenues, suboptimal margins, unhappy leadership, and some very happy competitors.

Are these issues affecting your company?

  • Constant disconnect between strategy and operations
  • Ineffective problem-solving
  • Broken processes
  • Lack of coordination between different parts of business
  • Inconsistent quality of work
  • Failures of legal compliance
  • Low morale and/or high turnover
  • Below-target results
  • Lack of insights; timely and relevant data
  • Lack of proper technology

Companies with excellent process flow and employee engagement have 147% higher EPS (profits) than their peers.

(Source: Gallup)

85% of the employees lose 1-2 hours of productivity per week searching for information within the company.

(Source: Dynamic Signal)

Organizations that score in the top 25% on employee experience report nearly three times the return on assets and double the return on sales when compared to organizations in the bottom quarter.

(Source: IBM)

BridgeCap’s Solutions

Organizational Design

This reveals organizational challenges in structure, linkages, or culture. We then define criteria to guide the design process and create a robust (change robust) new structure that:

  • Links strategy to value creation
  • Resolves complexity
  • Adds new efficiencies

Process Improvement

This reveals bottlenecks, redundancies, and other inefficiencies in the current process design. Using that, we redesign and install an improved-upon process flow best suited to maximize productivity. Some guidelines are:

  • Clarity
  • Resolving intra-team and cross-functional conflicts
  • Quality and Mistake-Proofing
  • Internal Communication and Accountability
  • Customer Communication and Accountability
  • Technology Implementation

Key Results

We diligently utilize analytics in assessing relevant and real-time data to continually boost performance.

  • User Experience and Customer Satisfaction KPIs
  • Employee performance
  • Margins

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Create Breakthrough Results

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