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If you are a c-suite executive, I whole-heartedly commend you.

It took years, if not decades, of long hours and sleepless nights honing your skills and staying the course. And it probably happened at the expense of one or more major areas of your life: family, health, social life, etc. You’ve made it here, and not only would you like to keep it but also be great at it, and without sacrificing your personal life.

Simply put, you want to continue having an impact and enjoy doing it.

The challenge, of course, is that the stakes are a lot higher than ever before. You are now responsible for the entire organization. You’re directly working with other senior leaders and strong personalities that have paid the same dues as you to get here, want to be heard, and feel valued. Technology is changing faster than ever. Social causes and political leanings may need to be considered and addressed appropriately. Personal relationships require more nurturing, and physical and mental health cannot be neglected any longer. You’re carrying a heavy load while paving the way.

That’s why, I whole-heartedly commend you.

The saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” I say that instead of just “toughening it out” you make it easier for yourself by approaching it in a more strategic, useful, productive, and sustainable way. Counter-elevate the elevated stakes through dramatically improved skillsets, strategies, focus, and disciplines.

That’s the focus of my coaching practice.

And that’s precisely why, from Olympic athletes to business and political leaders, the best of the best have a coach.

I take the time to get to know your values, temperament, and both your personal and professional goals. Together, we design a plan that gets you the results you want at the pace you want. In addition to the specific skills that improve performance, you end up with more time, self-awareness, higher quality relationships on and off work, less “bad stress”, and a clear picture of the path ahead.

We meet weekly to track progress, course correct if needed, and integrate any new variables that might’ve sprung up as they often do in today’s fast-changing world of yours.

Notwithstanding, we adapt and continue our ascent.

Up to 40% of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches describing a return on investment of 6 times what the coaching costs them.
(Source: Gallup)
Top 3 reasons coaches are engaged: Develop high potentials or facilitate transition:48%
Act as a sounding board: 26%
Address derailing behavior: 12%
(Source: Harvard Business Review)

Gain Clarity. Acquire Skills. Improve Behavior and Performance. Achieve Breakthrough Results.

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