Many organizations limit their potential because of operational inefficiencies, cash flow problems, and leadership blindspots. If left unaddressed they could lose their window of opportunity and never truly thrive.

We help leaders identify organizational challenges, leverage their hidden strengths, and refine the way their company runs so they can ensure a prosperous future.

BridgeCap dramatically improves individual and organizational performance.


Hamza Shayk


I help organizations dominate.

Consulting was never a part of some carefully planned career trajectory for me. I spent the first 10 years as a financial advisor and then stumbled upon this a decade ago in helping a friend successfully save her business. Numerous projects later, I find myself having the time of my life doing it.

I take immense pride in my work, and the fact that most of my projects come as referrals from existing clients is a reflection of that. I am obsessed with learning and translating that knowledge into productive action. My passion is understanding why and how a fraction of all organizations make it to “greatness” while most cease to flourish and ultimately go out of business. I’m constantly surprised by the singular focus executives put on growth especially at the expense of running it efficiently. I believe by focusing on both growth and efficiency simultaneously, we dramatically increase our chances at longevity. And if an organization is around long enough with a highly efficient operation then greatness just takes care of itself.

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